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Mango Viewpoint Koh Tao

At 300 meters above sea level, Mango Viewpoint provides the best view of the island. And getting to the top is a long and winding road.

You can ride your motorcycle all the way up, but be aware that the majority of the road is in poor condition. Because motorcycle accidents are common here, we only advocate driving up if you’re an experienced and competent rider. When it’s raining or has rained, I don’t recommend riding a motorcycle since the largest area of the road turns into a giant mud puddle.

You can walk to Mango Viewpoint, but it will take you around an hour if you follow the main route. So pack plenty of water and avoid the afternoon heat if at all possible.

Once you’ve arrived, you may unwind and recover your breath because the entrance charge of 100 baht entitles you to a seat in the restaurant.